About the School of Bioenergetic Therapies

The School of Therapeutic Bioenergetics seeks to train its students in the philosophy of spiritual bioenergetics so that their encounters and interventions achieve an impact on the subtlety of the human spirit and result in mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Students of the School of Therapeutic Bioenergetics learn the anatomy (subtle and physiological), the psychic processes of the disease and spiritual techniques based on Eastern and Western practices.

In addition to the therapeutic bases of Bioenergetics, students will be exposed to complementary techniques and alternative medicine practices, such as aromatherapy, neurophronia, reflexology and chromotherapy.

Our programs prepare the student for voluntary self-regulation through a collegiate association with the UTU and train the student in the development of their practice in professional competence.

Bioenergetics is a therapeutic discipline of healing that prepares the spiritual therapist to treat at competent holistic levels.

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