A United Faculty

The UTU Faculty comes from a wide plurality of faith backgrounds and represent a universal cross-section of formative ministerial paths. The UTU holds no faith over another, since all spiritual experience can be tied to the true Gnosis of ALL things; all faiths are welcome.

School of Theology

Our schools unite under the practice of the Universal Ministry and grows under the auspices of true knowledge and illumination. It is our purpose to solidify human access to enlightenment through spirituality, something modern religions have mostly forgotten.

School of Oracular Sciences

The Oracular Sciences department specializes in the study of energetic patterns present throughout manifestation and their interpretation. The faculty houses oracular adepts that present a filament of oracular study spanning more than 6 millennia, including since the existence of the Great Atlantean Master Tehuti, known as Thoth.

School of Energetic Therapeutics

A specific branch of metaphysical theology that studies subtle energies, the alternative and complimentary therapies they can provide in the betterment of life.

Covenant of Universal Faith

The United Theological University's statement of faith follows the Sacred Universal Temple's Covenant of Universal Faith and is alligned with the greater understanding of enlightenment represented by the Ancestral Order of Illumination.

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