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According to Plato, Egypt, as the cradle of civilization, would not have achieved its magnificent splendor without the Atlantean heritage that always preceded it from a very incipient time as a nation.

Undoubtedly the Atlantean Priest Tehuti (Thoth), was the person (deity) who, following a very cosmic heritage, taught on the various arts of the energies of the Earth, and through them found a great esoteric and initiatory lineage that has served as the seed of the first Ancient Mystery Schools: Tehuti taught the secrets of the Ancient Oracle.

This initiatory discipline, knew its best times of gnosis, developing and flourishing in the desert of Egypt, a few miles from the border with Libya.

The Ancient Oracle to this day, is a tool very typical of the mysteries, based on a deep Illuminated Gnosis, related to the management of the Energies that are constantly activated or misaligned around everything related to the flora, the fauna, natural phenomena, the cosmic and the human species.

He also instructs and illustrates us about everything related to the very special world of the Soul, karmas, the body, the mind, the senses and free will, etc.

From The Ancient Oracle, the longing for knowledge and prophecies on the part of such legendary characters as Alexander the Great, the various pharaohs and scientific researchers in each age of the planet were evidenced.

In these oracular duties, priests of both sexes were initiated and officiated. From the Knowledge emanating from it, the foundation of highly recognized Oracles in Greece and China transcended.

Very later and around the year five hundred A / C, the Ancient Oracle also transcended nations of Sub-Saharan Africa (Black Africa), very especially Nigeria, where it arrived with lower levels of information with respect to the original, in addition to having been modified and adapted in some of its parts.

With the arrival to the new world of the first black slaves at the end of the 15th century through the infernal Trata Negrera, the Oracle again transcended and this time from Nigeria, but already with an even greater limitation in the level of information, since everything It was preserved in memory, let us remember that it had also already undergone modifications in that region.

Through our Ancestral Order (AOI), even today Priests of the Oracle of both sexes are initiated, specialized in the professional operation of the Ancient Atlantean / Egyptian Oracle, which is not necessarily constituted as a religion, but as a successful Spiritual Tool and on the Energies of the Universe, for which reason the existence of the Ancient Oracle of the East constitutes one of the Sacred and oldest Schools of Mysteries.

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